Idibon Studio

Our flagship solution. Idibon Studio combines adaptive natural language processing systems with an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly view text data and guide machine learning and rule-based processing systems. With more than 60+ languages already served, this is the premier solution for processing data globally.

  • Construct custom taxonomies and tune them with machine learning, rules, and your existing dictionaries/ontologies.
  • Discover new topics and seamlessly add them to your taxonomies.
  • View both human and machine accuracy for your tasks, so you have confidence in the automatic categorization and information extraction you’re doing at scale.

For more on how using Idibon can help you get to accuracy and actionability, check out our guide to adaptive learning. Idibon Studio is shipped with Idibon Terminal, giving you high-performance text analytics behind the easy-to-use interface.

Intro to Idibon Studio

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