Efficient Data Structuring

The problem: Your team has too much language data to easily manage: emails and other communications, PDFs, social and traditional media. You can't quickly process the information you care about.

Our solution: Idibon’s annotation platform is the most efficient tool for structuring language data for analysis and repurposing. Our system optimizes work by using cutting-edge machine learning that improves accuracy and streamlines workflows. We can even provide part of the workforce.

Dynamic NLP API

The problem: You want to use sophisticated natural language processing services in your processing and analysis systems, but your text analytics solutions have limited functionality, accuracy or support.

Our solution: Our RESTful API makes it easy to build your own application, service, or data-processing pipeline. We support NER/text extraction, sentiment analysis, text/content categorization, language detection/identification. We have the most accurate and adaptable systems in the market.

In Every Language

The problem: 95% of the world's conversations are in a language other than English. You want to support the full range of communications that are important to you and your users, expanding your reach and comprehension.

Our solution: Our cloud-based and licensed services have helped organizations structure their data in more than 50 languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Italian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Bengali and many more.

Product Insights

The problem: It's hard to understand the conversations people are having in social media and in the open-ended comments in surveys about your products, services, and competitors.

Our solution: We can deliver you the highest accuracy sentiment analysis and do it across many languages. In addition to tracking brands, products, and competitors, we pull out the most representative themes and messages. Grounded insights, not word clouds.

Future Intent

The problem: Many people are talking about an event, brand, product, or service, but what are their actual intentions and which people should you actively engage?

Our solution: We can automatically detect when words will turn into actions. This includes someone’s intent to attend an event, buy a product or switch away from some service. You get the opportunity to anticipate trends for the future and take targeted actions now.

Key Influencer Tracking

The problem: You want to understand the connection between earned social media and marketing campaigns/advertising.

Our solution: We accurately identify when people are talking about your brand or product (Ford trucks vs. Tom Ford) and distinguish between organic and owned social media, and automatically detect the themes and trends that help you discover opportunities and issues from both. We can apply this across individual products or competing brands.

Information Extraction

The problem: You need to automatically extract information about people, places, organizations from internal or public information sources like emails or websites.

Our solution: Our information extraction systems can pull names, phone numbers, email addresses, times and dates from unstructured text with scale and precision across dozens of languages and complex information types. Our geographic add-ons can also turn written or spoken locations into geographical coordinates, giving you a powerful language-to-information pipeline.


The problem: You want to share data across your organization or more publicly, but it contains private information about users that should be protected.

Our solution: We can scrub your data of PII (personally identifiable information) like names, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. That way, data can be shared to encourage collaboration, innovation and transparency across your organization and partners, while respecting and protecting people’s privacy and security.

Intelligent Q+A

The problem: You (or your users) want to interact with your systems in plain language. You have a large knowledge base but are currently limited to keyword searches.

Our solution: We can provide a natural language interface for your data, adding dialogue for human-computer interaction. This allows people to ask questions or search for information about your products in everyday speech or text. Our other products seamlessly integrate, so you can expand your knowledge base and deliver a truly intelligent experience.