Natural Language Processing / October 1st, 2015

From livid to loyal customers: Three ways text analytics enhances customer service

The key resource in customer service is language–it’s how customers talk about their problems and how company representatives try to solve them. In the last decade, language technologies have become a lot more sophisticated. Modern text analytics enables organizations to take unstructured customer data from the web, phone records, and social media and automatically structure…

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Idibon News / September 28th, 2015

The fourth generation of machine learning: Adaptive learning

The fourth generation of machine intelligence, adaptive learning, creates the first truly integrated human and machine learning environment. For text analytics, this has given us the most accurate analytics to date, allowing us to get actionable information in many areas for the first time. In the examples we will share here, we show that adaptive…

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Natural Language Processing / September 23rd, 2015

Epidemics, vaccines, fraud detection: Top 5 ways text analytics is improving public health

In a recent blog post, we covered five ways that text analytics is improving every step of the patient experience, from diagnosis to disease prevention. However, the applications of text analytics to the world of healthcare can extend far beyond assisting a single patient. Today, more and more research institutions, medical facilities, and humanitarian organizations…

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Natural Language Processing / September 16th, 2015

From records to recovery: Top 5 ways text analytics is improving the patient experience

Technology innovations have changed the healthcare industry dramatically. Advances in radiation are allowing doctors to spot cancerous cells more precisely. Robotic surgery enables doctors to perform surgeries through tiny incisions using robotic arms and cameras with much greater precision than conventional methods. Medical records are no longer stored in shelves and shelves of paper files…

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Natural Language Processing / September 8th, 2015

Learning Analogies: the most interesting side-effect of deep learning

The key to language understanding for humans is recognizing patterns – if you find out that ‘twerk’ means a type of dancing, you automatically know that a ‘twerker’ is someone who ‘twerks’. You will also expect ‘twerking’ to occur on ‘dance floors’, in ‘clubs’, but not in ‘offices’ (there are exceptions). The contexts in which…

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Natural Language Processing / September 2nd, 2015

Linguistic anthropology meets NLP: Suzanne Wertheim on understanding culture through metaphors

Many people in the U.S. think of guns as an addictive substance, Russians talk about democracy as a disease, and Iranians associate good things with sunshine in spite of living close to deserts. Metaphors give us a better understanding of cross-cultural differences. Being aware of these differences and making sure you know what your international…

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Idibon News / September 1st, 2015

Thank you, 2015 interns!

As the summer closes, we thank the interns who joined Idibon this year! We had thirteen people join us, all current/recent students from UC Berkeley, Duke, MIT, Northwestern, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Illinois, Stanford, Swarthmore, and Tufts. They impacted every part of the business from data-science to engineering, product, marketing, and sales,…

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