Data Science, Digital Marketing / April 9th, 2015
By Tyler Schnoebelen

“Run fast as you can” – #likeagirl advocates and brand campaign ROI

Measuring the effectiveness of a brand campaign remains elusive even online. Digital marketers often look at engagement metrics such as likes, follows and shares. These are one-time boosts to the brand. The situation changes when you focus on people (how many advocates you have) rather than content (how many likes a post got). Advocates connect…

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Culture / April 6th, 2015
By Nick Gaylord

Why we love baseball

Opening Day is here! A lot of us here at Idibon are baseball fans. Admittedly, it’s pretty easy when your hometown team has won 3 of the last 5 World Series. We even got to watch last year’s victory parade from the comfort of our downtown San Francisco offices: Confetti cannons downstairs from our offices–Giants…

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Culture, Data Science / March 11th, 2015
By Ben Bell

Toxicity in Reddit Communities: a Journey to the Darkest Depths of the Interwebs

In any community there’s bound to be friction, but some… take it further than others. Reddit is a platform for thousands of online communities (known as “subreddits”), where community members can submit content, and upvote, downvote, or comment on content that others have submitted. Topics of discussion on Reddit run the gamut of human interest, but…

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Idibon News / March 10th, 2015
By Nick Gaylord

Idibon data science visits a climate change meeting

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to upstate New York to participate in a high-level climate action planning retreat organized in part by the Executive Office of the UN Secretary General’s Climate Change Support Team. This was, admittedly, an unusual opportunity for me as a language scientist. A bit of backstory: My background…

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Idibon News / March 6th, 2015
By Jana Thompson

Women in technology: Creating change through community

This Sunday marks the 106th observance of International Women’s Day and here at Idibon we are celebrating by announcing two efforts to not only increase gender diversity in tech, but also to encourage and promote women currently working in the field: sponsorship of Stanford AI lab’s outreach program (SAILORS) for high school girls and a free…

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Data Science / March 5th, 2015
By Zubin Jelveh

Chilling effects: Detecting missing conversations

Or, Edward Snowden and the Importance of Picking the Right Comparison Group It’s been nearly two years since the NSA revelations, and if last month’s Oscar win—and awards season sweep—for the Snowden-focused doc Citizenfour is any indication, fears over mass surveillance haven’t gone away. In a recent interview, the film’s director Laura Poitras does a…

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Idibon News / March 3rd, 2015
By Tyler Schnoebelen

The future of the dictionary!

On Friday, I had a chance to go to’s round-table on The Future of the Dictionary. You can see my presentation at the bottom of the post. It’s called “Counts, Comparisons, Collocations, Contestations: Towards a Dictionary of the Future”. (Sorry, titles are hard and I like alliteration.) But first, some quick notes from other folks who…

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Culture, Data Science / February 24th, 2015
By Nick Gaylord

#BlackLivesMatter: How events change conversations

In an online conversation involving millions of people, how can we measure the disruptive impact of a single event? Let’s consider the case of #BlackLivesMatter. What started off as a hashtag has blossomed into a full-fledged movement, and the American Dialect Society recently selected #BlackLivesMatter as Word of the Year for 2014 — a testament…

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Idibon News / February 20th, 2015
By Rob Munro

3 things learned from a Strata startup finalist

Idibon was featured as a “Startup Showcase Finalist” at Strata this year. Strata/Hadoop World is the biggest conference for data-focused companies like ours, so it was a great opportunity to get the pulse of the industry. Our mission is to bring language technologies to all the world’s languages.  In this year’s competition, we were the…

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Idibon News / February 9th, 2015
By Jessica Long

Idibon supports UNICEF to provide Natural Language Processing to SMS-based social monitoring systems in Africa

Today, Idibon announced an ongoing collaboration with UNICEF’s U-report project. UNICEF will use Idibon’s NLP technology to better understand broad themes in SMS messages sent by U-reporters across Africa. When I worked at a health clinic in rural Burundi, I was surprised to find that the majority of the patients we treated had access to…

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