Text to actionable insights
in any language

Idibon's cloud-based natural language processing services enable organizations to efficiently structure and organize their language data. This structured data can help answer critical business intelligence questions, automate processes, and obtain deeper insights.

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Human understanding at scale

Automatically extract meaning from text, so you can manage and take action on it. Idibon delivers industry leading accuracy in sentiment analysis, content categorization, predictive analytics, automatic theme detection, and text extraction (NER).


Identify themes, sentiment, and influential events for any conversation regardless of venue, language, or volume.


Automatically review social media, publications and documents to identify information of interest.


Anticipate future behavior - whether it is someone’s intent to buy a product or switch service providers - and take action now.


Classify incoming messages to enable filtering and routing. Efficiently structure language data for analysis and processing.

Why Idibon?


  • Expect industry-leading accuracy of over 90% including sentiment.
  • Know when people are talking about your brand vs. current events (e.g. Ford trucks vs. Tom Ford).


  • Engage in over 50 languages on a single platform. Yes, including emoji.
  • Add a new language or dialect in days.


  • Optimize data processing with sophisticated machine learning algorithms.
  • Get insights with custom algorithms not possible with off-the-shelf software.
  • Instantly add new entries to your ontology.


  • Upload millions of documents for analysis in minutes.
  • Classify documents in real-time — predictions in milliseconds.
  • Easily handle a social-media scale workload of millions per day.

How do you perform text analytics?

Text analytics can unlock new insights and functionality

“We are excited to work with Idibon to explore new ways of engaging with the young people that we serve — in their own local languages and dialects. Thanks to Idibon’s unique natural language processing technology, we’ll be able to better understand and empower marginalized communities that are often excluded due to language barriers.”

Evan Wheeler, CTO of UNICEF’s Global Innovation Centre

Analyst efficiency offers a huge return-on-investment

“Idibon provides a well-designed and uniquely delivered service that can be flexibly integrated into applications. We are impressed by Idibon’s ability to work with very large unstructured documents with esoteric terminology.”

John Akred, CTO of Silicon Valley Data Science re. Edmunds.com

Everything about our system is faster and more accurate than legacy vendors

Existing text analytics tools often require a great deal of time and frustration to upload and categorize documents. Idibon’s system allows massive parallelization. Ask us about how you can get unprecedented levels of accuracy.


  • Posted on Friday, September 18th, 2015

    Tyler Schnoebelen, Idibon Chief Analyst, will be speaking at the UC Merced CogSci Colloquium, as part of a series of speakers on “Variation at Language Interfaces” on October 12th. Stay tuned for a blog post and video recording of the talk!

  • Posted on Thursday, September 17th, 2015

    Robert Munro, Idibon CEO, will be speaking at the Oxford Global Languages Symposium on September 24th. Rob’s talk will focus on the question, “How do we ensure that technology is accessible for every language?” Look for a blog post on the discussion.

  • Posted on Friday, September 11th, 2015

    Jason Brenier, Idibon CTO, Tyler Schnoebelen, Idibon Chief Analyst, and representatives from Ernst & Young will be speaking at the ACFE “Psychology of Fraud” conference in San Francisco on 9/11. Learn about how text analytics can help detect corporate fraud.